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Elite Combat Fitness


Elite Combat Fitness (E.C.F)

Elite Combat Fitness (ECF) is a fitness system that combines cardiovascular and body conditioning exercises for exceptional results. Instead of staying in one place to focus on a certain muscle, an ECF workout will require different movements with weights, oneself or other people to engage multiple parts of the body. Keeping these motions at a fast pace builds overall stamina along with the obvious cardiovascular benefits, and avoiding routine means that the workout is always stimulating both physically and mentally.

ECF is optimal for anyone to improve their athletic performance, but is taught especially to students of Commando Krav Maga. As the name of the system suggests, any form of combat requires a certain level of fitness to be carried out successfully. A normal human being faced with a dangerous confrontation can lose up to 70% of their physical strength and become imprecise in their actions. ECF is a means for the Commando Krav Maga student to maximize the body’s performance in all techniques, and their endurance and precision under duress is tested through fast-paced surprise attacks from multiple classmates over the course of two or more minutes.

At the Combat Commando Krav Maga Canada CKM classes begin with 35-45 minutes of Elite Combat Fitness before technical training, and personal advice for individual development or exercising with an injury are available from a certified instructor.

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