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Combat Commando Krav Maga Canada

The Combat Commando Krav Maga Canada is dedicated to the edification, research, and development of personal defensive strategies. With a strong background in conflict survival and hand-to-hand combat (namely, the discipline of Commando Krav Maga); The Centre endeavours to improve existing tactics of defense by studying all of the factors affecting human and personal conflict.


The physical techniques are predominantly based on the Israeli military combat system – Commando Krav Maga (C.K.M) – developed by Special Forces elite Moni Aizik, in the 1970s.  Added to the Centre’s repertoire of martial sciences is a plethora of traditional arts like Jujitsu, Judo, and Muay Thai (Chaiya), from which practical and effective techniques are studied and later applied to possible hostile encounters.


In order to fully understand the dynamics of human conflict CCKMC has partnered with The PsyTech Group, whose work revolves around the analysis and modification of social behaviour.  Founded on the premise of behaviour as an impermanent organizational construct, the group strives to understand human social conduct by studying its governing principles through strict, methodical protocols.


At The Canadian Commando Krav Maga Centre we understand that although (and mostly because) circumstances are often unpredictable and beyond personal control, several dimensions of awareness are essential to surviving aggressive, antagonistic behaviour. Our regular training sessions consist of psychological, physical (conditioning), and technical development; they are directed toward the simulation of urban combat, and the survival of such events.


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