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School Seminars

School Seminars

Looking to do a full day of self dense learning? Our 1 day intensive seminar is one of the most comprehensive crash courses in the world. Just like our corporate/2 day packages, we can host 1 day seminars at our facility, or travel to you.

School Seminars


Our school seminars are the most effective today. We show kids easy to remember, Street effective, self-defense. Not only do we teach physical self-defence, but we also teach from a psychological standpoint. We instruct students how to stay safe in the most likely scenarios they are to face.We can accommodate almost any school/class schedule.


Let us help your students gain the confidence and discipline to handle themselves in any situation they might face.


Some of the most valuable things to teach our youth are situational awareness, avoiding physical confrontation, and how to defend themselves when it becomes necessary. Whether they are defending themselves against bullies or predators, students of all fitness levels will learn how to deal with all confrontational situations. 


This program can be incorporated into physical education for its emphasis on fitness and overall well-being.


Contact us today to get a quote for your school. And, ask us about our "prep course for University" program for senior high school students.

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